Helping You Get Ready For Life After School

An introduction to PROMISE

  • Hi, I’m Dan, Tom’s PROMISE Case Manager

    Your PROMISE Team!

    Students who are involved in the PROMISE project have a case manager who will help them to move through the different steps to live, learn, and earn successfully as adults.

    Hi, I'm Angela, Tom's mom!

    You and your case manager, along with your parents or guardian and people from your school, like your teacher or guidance counselor, will make up your PROMISE team. Your case manager will be your "go to" person. They will help you to think about your goals and to get the support you need to succeed as you get ready to leave high school.

    Hi, I'm Tamesha, Tom's job coach!

    Your PROMISE Team will help you plan, find service providers (like job coaches) to help you along the way, make sure that the service providers do a good job and help you think about what’s next for you.

    We're Tom's PROMISE TEAM!

  • What services can I get from PROMISE?

    What services can I get from PROMISE?

    1. You'll learn how to manage your own money and speak up for yourself. 
    2. You'll learn about ways to prepare for working.
    3. You'll get to try out a job.
    4. You'll get help in finding a job.

  • How do I manage my money?

    Financial Literacy Training: Managing your money

    The PROMISE team at your school will help you lean how to take care of your own money. They will help with things like getting a bank account, balancing your account so you don't spend too much money, and how to save money for the future (i.e. if you want to buy a house or a car).

    They will also talk about things like the difference between gross pay (what you earn at work) and net pay (what you take home).

    They will talk about how to make a budget so you can get all of the things you need to live and how to set goals for the future. 

  • How do I support your choices?

    Family Support: Parent training, information and referral services

    Your family plays a big part in your life. PROMISE offers support not just to you, but also to your family so they can help you with all of the new stuff you are learning. Your family will learn things like how to support you in the choices that you make and even how to speak up for the things that they want. They also get help if they want to get ready to go to work or get a promotion at work.

    PROMISE Parent Centers support parents who have questions about the changes that you may want to make after working with your PROMISE team and can help with things like paperwork or meetings if necessary.

  • I love cooking and food!

    Exploring careers: Community workplace assessment

    Once you figure out the things that you might like to do for a career, you are ready to try a few jobs to see what they are all about. You won’t work these jobs for a long time, they are just for you and your PROMISE team to learn more about what you might like in a job. 

    PROMISE will help you to find some places to try some jobs and help you to make sure that when you are ready to work, you know a lot more about what you do and don't like, and how you might use the stuff that you are good at (your skills) to be a really good worker.

  • Hi, I’m Deni! I’m Tom’s boss at the grocery store!

    Job Trials: Community Unpaid Training Experience 

    Once you learn more about what you like in a job and what you don't like in a job, you will be ready to try out a job for a little bit longer. This will help you learn about how to work with a boss, how to work with other people, and what it is like to stick to a schedule and have responsibilities.

    How do I get a job? I can't drive yet!

    Your PROMISE team will help you find jobs to try out and they will also help you to learn the job and to do good work while you are there. These jobs are for you to learn about yourself at work, so they are not permanent jobs.

  • I’m ready to work!

    How can I get a job that’s right for me?

    Think about this part of the PROMISE project like graduation…it’s time to get a job! Your PROMISE team will use all of the stuff that you’ve learned in the project to help you find a job that is right for you. They will also help you to get what you need to be successful once you start. This job should be the first step to building your future career!

  • It’s my job to help you find the services you need!

    What if I need something that PROMISE doesn’t offer?

    Remember that PROMISE has certain services that it offers to students and their families who are participating in the project. If you find that you need something that isn’t on the menu, talk to your case manager. They can help you figure out what you need and how you can get it. For example, let’s say that you need driving lessons. PROMISE doesn’t offer that, but there are people in the community who can probably help and your case manager can help you find them. Your case manager can also help you identify groups who may help pay for these extra services.

  • Let’s see if you remember the key points!


    PROMISE is a project to get students to leave school early.


    FALSE.  PROMISE is a project to help students plan for their future and think about what they might want to do with their lives after school.  The goal of PROMISE is to ensure that you get the support you need to plan for your future career while still in school.

    PROMISE activities are focused on classroom activities.


    FALSE.  PROMISE will provide you with both classroom learning and experiences in your community that focus on helping you decide on a career for your future.  You’ll get to meet employers in your community and even try some jobs.

    PROMISE offers support to your parents.


    TRUE.  PROMISE will provide support to your parents to help them understand how working might change your benefits, how to manage the family budget, and how the job search process works.  The idea is that if your family understands what you are doing to plan for your future, they can help you, too!

    The goal of the PROMISE project is to get you any job that you will get paid for.


    FALSE.  The goal of the PROMISE project is to help you find a career.  A career is work that you can grow in over the course of a lifetime,  where you look into different parts of the work, develop expertise and get raises over time.

  • Let’s review this chapter!


    What is PROMISE? The PROMISE project helps students plan for careers. 


    What does a PROMISE case manager do? A PROMISE case manager will help you plan for your future.  They are your link to resources that help you try new things and figure out what your future might look like.


    What does PROMISE offer?

    PROMISE offers a lot of important information for students who are leaving school.  These include:

    • Learning to manage your money
    • Understanding your benefits (like SSI)
    • Learning how to ask for what you want or need at school and at work
    • Understanding how to behave at work and what skills you might want to work on
    • Connecting with work experience and jobs in the community
    • Supporting your parents


    If you need something PROMISE doesn’t offer, you can talk to your case manager and they can help you find a resource in your community.

  • Chapter complete!